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Independent production company created in 1999 by three partners: Bernard de Launoit, Christopher Thompson and Henri de Gerlache. Alize Production always developed its productions around the passions which lead his creators: music, cinema and adventures
Alize Production represents more than forty titles  in her catalog which most have been broadcast on the biggest international channels.


The Belgium road to Cannes

A cheerful road movie all about Belgian films at Cannes over the past 70 years. Moviemakers from the past converse with those from the present to paint the portrait of a cinema that is both diverse and free. An account of Belgium’s participation in the greatest film festival in the world.

spacer The Belgium road to Cannes

Technical and artistic sheet:

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The Belgium road to Cannes
  Genre Documentary
  Director Henri de Gerlache
  Script Henri de Gerlache
  Adviser Philippe Reynaert
  Editing John Pirard
  Chef Cinematographer Bernard Vervoort
  Sound Olivier Ronval
  Music Charles de Moffarts
  Mix &
Sound design
Sonix – Christophe de Moffarts
  Producer Alizé Production
Bernard de Launoit
  Associated producer Alizé production
Christopher Thompson
  Executive producer Alizé Production
Virginie Chapelle
  Narrated by Stéphane De Groodt
  Length 62  minutes
  Support HD - Couleur
  Original version Français
  Shooting Septembre-décembre 2016
  Broadcast 2017
  Speakers Arno
Emilie Dequenne
Pascal Duquenne
Thierry Frémaux
Marion Hänsel
Benoît Mariage
Jacqueline Pierreux
Fabrizio Rongione
Raoul Servais
Jaco Van Dormael
Felix Van Groeningen
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